Jobs massage therapists in salons of erotic massage EGOIST in St.Petersburg

We offer:
  1. Work in the network of the most prestigious massage parlors in St. Petersburg — EGOIST
  2. Permanent income from 150,000 rubles / month with daily payments
  3. Individual schedule with 12 hour shifts
  4. The ability to quickly recruit your regular customers. We are the oldest network in the city with a huge base of regular guests
  5. Free massage training
  6. For the first month, free accommodation is provided in comfortable rooms paid for by us, located within walking distance from our salons.
  7. Possibility of formal employment
  8. 100% safe, strictly no sex
If you are interested in our vacancy, call: 8 (981) 890-64-08 or fill out the feedback form Available now.

Phone number

Write what city you are from, your age, whether you have work experience

+7 (812) 317-69-53

Nevsky Prospect, 53 (Mayakovskaya metro, Vladimirskaya metro)

+7 (812) 425-35-86

Bolshoy pr. P.S., 18 (metro Sportivnaya)

+7 (812) 425-35-82

Potemkinskaya Str, 7 (metro Chernyshevskaya)

Egoist VIP
+7 (812) 603-42-81

Tulskaya Str, 7 (metro Chernyshevskaya and Ploshad Vosstaniya)

Egoist Komendantskiy
+7 (812) 425-34-11

Komendantskiy prospekt 51, korpus 1 ( Komendantskiy prospekt)

EGOIST VIP Ispolkomskaya
+7 (812) 425-37-69

Ispolkomskaya st. 9/11 (metro ploshad aleksandra nevskogo)

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